Special Populations Collaborative

Effective Practices for Students with Disabilities

West Hills College: Campus-Wide Specialized Equipment

Cathy Bara be, Director Grants, Research and Planning

300 Cherry Lane, Coalinga, CA 93210, (559) 934-2147 / cathybarabe@westhillscollege.com

DSPS Director, Joyce Smyer, (559) 924-3331

Description: This practice is designed to assist students with disabilities by providing specialized equipment and seating for them in traditional classrooms. The Director of Disabled Students has made a concerted effort over the last five years to ensure that each classroom and computer lab offers a user-friendly learning station for the disabled student. Each classroom has at least one desk that can accommodate a wheel chair student and each college computer or science lab has specialized furniture and computer equipment that allows the student to participate in the learning environment. The equipment includes furniture and computers that support learning, vision, physical and speech disabilities. Each disabled student meets with DSPS staff whom assist them in developing a course schedule and provides the disabled student with information about accessibility and equipment / software resources. The college works with other agencies to promote the needs of students and maximize cooperative ventures to create a cost effective program within the community.