Special Populations Collaborative

Economically Disadvantaged/All Special Populations

Southwest College Project Webmaster

James Hicks

1600 W. Imperial Hwy, Los Angeles, CA 90047

323-241-5387, hicksje@lasc.edu

Description: Project Webmaster is a nationally recognized certificate program in web related technologies. It provides students with training in a career that is in demand, growing, high wage, and requires only 3 8-week modules to become proficient. Additionally the project is designed to bridge the digital divide and give students industry standard marketable skills. It provides students with industry standard foundations in fundamental internet concepts, webpage concepts including the design, development, administration, and support of websites, and networking fundamental concepts. It is sponsored by the National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies (NWCET). The program consists of three 3-unit courses and a 1-unit exam preparation course. These are:

·         CSIT 621 – Internet Fundamentals

·         CSIT 622 – Web Page Authoring Fundamentals

·         CSIT 623 – Networking Fundamentals

·         CSIT 699 – CIW Exam Preparation.

For the exam preparation course, state-of-the-art adaptive testing is used. This testing adapts to a student’s knowledge level by detecting weaknesses in certain areas based on previous answers, and automatically reconfiguring to ask more and more questions from those areas. Students are certified after passing the foundation exam.

The courses are offered continuously in 8-week modules during day and evening sessions. Through grant money, students are provided with all course material and the examination fee is waived. The college has applied to receive Regional Testing Center status so the exam can be given on campus.

To market the program, flyers are distributed on campus and to neighborhood clubs, church groups, and community-based organizations. The program is presented during high school outreach visits and career day events. It also coordinates with the Los Angeles Council of Black Professional Engineers (LACBPE) and the Society of Mexican American Engineers & Scientists (MAES). There was also a program rollout launch event. In addition, it is advertised by participating students through their student homepage.