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How to Draw Women into the Maker Movement

View Your Programs through an Equity and Access Lens

Drawing Women into the Maker Movement: A Literature Review

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Understanding Soft Skills

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Nontraditional Career Preparation: Root Causes & Strategies

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Make a Difference for Special Populations Students Practical Tips and Tools for Educators

Women in Nontraditional Careers: Tools for Success by Dr. Lynn Shaw

California Community Colleges: Programs Classified as Nontraditional

Key Barriers and Critical Components for Educational and Occupational Success of Special Population Students

Resources for Special Population Groups in California Community Colleges

Advice from Experienced Practitioners on Enhancing the Success of Special Population Students in Career and Technical Education

Breaking Out of the Box: Effective Practices for Special Population Students in California’s Community Colleges

Success for All: Assessing the Educational and Economic Outcomes of CCC Special Population Students by Anita K. Mathur

Survey Report – Finding of the Statewide Survey of Services and programs for Special Population Students in California Community Colleges

Characteristics of Special Population Students Attending California’s Community Colleges