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National Resource: On Course – Strategies for Empowering Students to Become Active, Responsible Learners: www.oncourseworkshop.com 

This website contains information for college or university educators seeking innovative ways to help students achieve greater academic success and retention. It is a one-stop resource for educators across the curriculum, especially those who want to empower their students to become active, responsible, and successful learners. The site contains many learner-centered strategies and resources. The strategies are particularly useful for capable students who struggle. New strategies are added frequently to the site, and it is searchable on line. There is also a student success course outline and information on workshops that can be purchased.

For more information: Visit the website or contact Skip Downing at 650-365-7623 Mon, Tues, Thursday (9:00-3:00 Pacific Coast Time). Or send an email anytime to workshop@oncourseworkshop.com Or write: On Course Workshop, 61 Renato Ct. Suite 21A, Redwood City, CA 94061