Special Populations Collaborative

Economically Disadvantaged/All Special Populations

National Resource – American Association of University Women, $tart $mart Workshop

The $tart $mart workshop provides college women who are approaching the job market with the knowledge and skills to negotiate salaries and benefits so that they receive fair and realistic compensation. The workshop focuses on:

  •  Knowing the bottom line: develop a “bare bones” budget to pay rent, buy groceries, repay student loans, and other basic expenses
  • Salary negotiation: how to aim high and be realistic; practice negotiation through role play exercises
  • Resources for benchmarking reasonable salaries and benefits: learn about job titles, their functions and salary ranges, the impact of market realities on salaries; compare skills and accomplishments to job requirements and market to target a realistic salary range

To learn more about the workshop and how to arrange for one visit: http://www.aauw.org/learn/LeadershipPrograms/StartSmart.cfm Or e-mail leadership@aauw.org