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Monterey Peninsula College, Men in Nursing Program

The Men in Nursing program was developed as a response to the School of Nursing
administration’s awareness of high attrition rates among male students.
A review of attrition rates in previous years identified a pattern of higher than normal attrition rates for the men. A review of the literature revealed that higher attrition among men was common in health care educational programs. To develop a plan, the school Invited male first- and second-year students as well as graduated RN’s to a series of meetings to obtain feedback about potential issues and barriers to success in the program for male students. They also developed and implemented a survey that was sent to male students who had terminated the program prior to graduation, and reviewed the existing literature addressing issues for male nursing students.
Among the changes the college implemented to improve male retention were:
• Offered a male only study group
• Rescheduled obstetrics rotation so it was not the initial clinical experience for men
• Recruited a male clinical instructor to serve as a role model for male students.
• Scheduled a monthly meeting for male students led by a social worker consultant that provided a format for both general discussion of issues but also a learning opportunity on topics of special interest e.g. issues of touch, communication differences, caring styles.

Male retention has greatly increased. The American Assembly of Men in Nursing has identified the program as a national model. For more information contact:
Men in Nursing Program
Monterey Peninsula College
980 Fremont St.
Monterey, CA 93940