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Laney College, Plumber Training Program– Quick Study Course

Laney College offers a nine-week course of study to prepare students for plumbing careers in the water industry. The program is designed to orient students to basic plumber work, tools and equipment, and traffic safety. A lab class is included so that students will have first-hand knowledge of tools and materials used in the industry. The goal is to provide foundational skills that enable graduates to be more competitive when applying for plumbing jobs.
Water industry plumbers typically work as crew members performing physically demanding outdoor work and assisting in the installation, repair and maintenance of underground pipelines, valves, meters, hydrants and other related facilities. Salaries are very competitive.

The course curriculum includes:

  • 20 hours/week classroom and lab instruction
  • Construction Math & Pre-Algebra
  • English (10th-12th grade reading comprehension)
  • Basic Plumbing
  • Physical Conditioning

For more information visit http://www.laney.edu/wp/plumbertraining, or contact the Plumber Training Outreach Coordinator at plumbertraining@hotmail.com