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Laney College Project Access

Project Access is designed to bring more inner city and urban students to Laney College and the Peralta Community College District. Project Access consists of a team of Laney College staff members. The project is headed by the Dean of Student Support Services/Matriculation. The team consists of representatives from Admissions, Financial Aide, Counseling, Matriculation, Assessment, EOPS, DSPS, and CalWORKs.

Each member of the team is linked with a particular school to visit and give presentations on opportunities at Laney College. They provide prospective students with information and materials including catalogues and class schedules. In addition to English, much of the information is available in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Access team members prepare reports of their visits and discuss successful strategies and difficulties at monthly meetings.

Once each year the team sponsors a high school day where prospective students come to the campus. In 2004, over 180 students participated. Students are given a sense of what a college day is like. Particular attention is devoted to making students aware of vocational training programs. Campus tours and information on student support programs are given. Project Access also links with community organization to recruit older students. They make presentations at churches, correctional facilities, the California Conservation Corps and other community based organizations, and provide campus tours for these groups.

Project Access team members participate as part of their regular duties. B-FAP funds (Board Financial Assistance Program) are used to increase the number of Pell grants and to produce the marketing materials. Each year Project access holds a breakfast for community leaders and school counselors. They inform these individuals that they will be happy to come to their sites and provide information about Laney College.

In the four years the project has been operating there have been more calls for information and requests for tours. Project Access plays an instrumental part in informing students of options at Laney College.

 To replicate this program it is best to recruit staff members who are energetic and committed because participation is over and above their regular duties. It is also important to provide training for the team, have consistent, scheduled meetings and recognize team members for their efforts.

Dr. Matthew D. Kritscher, Dean of Student Support Services/Matriculation

900 Fallon St, Oakland, CA 94607

510-986-6992, mkritscher@peralta.edu