Special Populations Collaborative

Effective Practices for Nontraditional Students

Glendale College Nontraditional Support

Jan Swinton, Associate Dean, Instruction & Workforce Development

1500 N Verdugo Rd Glendale, CA 91208

818-240-1000 x5158, jswinton@glendale.edu

 Description: The goal of the practice is to increase the number of nontraditional students enrolling, and earning degrees and certificates, in vocational and technical education areas that lead to high wage-high skill occupations. Glendale College uses several methods for recruiting Nontraditional students into vocational and technical education courses/majors. ¨ The Verdugo School-To-Career partnership is a collaborative venture of Glendale College and three local high schools. The partnership has created a pool of business and industry guest speakers that are available to visit classrooms and talk about a variety of occupations, including high demand-high wage careers that benefit Nontraditional populations.

 Promotional materials are produced and distributed throughout the community on the College’s courses, degrees and certificates that can lead to high demand-high wage employment for Nontraditional students.  Counselors and College staff attend community events and gatherings to talk about Nontraditional occupations and educational opportunities available through the College’s vocational and technical programs.

 These efforts are primarily funded by VTEA and School-to-Career. The activities are conducted by the college vocational/technical education division and the Verdugo STC partnership.