Special Populations Collaborative

Effective Practices for Nontraditional Students

Glendale College Female Faculty Role Model

Jan Swinton, Associate Dean, Instruction & Workforce Development

1500 N Verdugo Rd Glendale, CA 91208

818-240-1000 x5158, jswinton@glendale.edu

Description: The goal of the practice is to encourage greater numbers of women to enroll in Electronics Technology courses, including Robotics – as well as pursue certificates and degrees. Glendale’s Workforce Development program is an active coalition member in a partnership consisting of three local high schools and the College. One of the coalition’s many joint projects has been the development and support of competitive teams participating in FIRST Robotic competitions ( www.usfirst.org/index.html).

Glendale College hired a female instructor to teach Electronics Technology at a local high school to support the coalition’s FIRST team, and also to act indirectly as a role model for young women interested in learning electronics. The instructor was also hired for the College’s Division of Technology/Electronics and Computer Technology. She subsequently formed a Robotics Club that meets on campus every week, and is coordinating the first “Race a R.A.T.” (Rapid Automated Technology) competition involving both technical and academic faculty and students. The R.A.T. competition is a team effort to navigate an electronic vehicle through a complex course/maze in the shortest amount of time possible.