Special Populations Collaborative

Effective Practices for Students with Disabilities

Cuyamaca College – Adaptive Learning Course in CIS

Beth Vierson, Alternative Media, Technology Center Specialist

Yvonette Powell, Coordinator, DSSP

900 Rancho san Diego Pkwy, El Cajon, CA 92019

(619) 660-4576, beth.vierson@gcccd.edu   yvonette.powell@gcccd.edu

Description: The adaptive learning CIS course is designed to teach disabled students beginning computer skills using adaptive techniques, and to reduce fear and build confidence in students with disabilities. The course takes place for 16 weeks, once a week. For two hours.. It is taught Fall and Spring semesters. Students can repeat the class but the curriculum is not self-paced. Included in this curriculum is online learning, “blackboard,” Web CT, and computer research. The curriculum is flexible as each semester’s students are vastly different.

The program is staffed by a coordinator, lab assistant, and work study students when available. Equipment includes: Computers, Kurtzwile, Readers, Inspiration software, Destination – skill building for learning disabled, Clarity – for vision impaired students.

There are 8,000 students at Cuyamaca College with 340 identified as disabled. To increase visibility of the class and services, fliers are sent to counselors, one-Stop, and students on campus. Additionally, phone calls are made to students as possible. The program was funded by a VTEA mini grant.

Students who participate in the program have shown a decreased fear of online courses, basic proficiency in software packages and internet research ability, and a basic understanding of adaptive computer tools.