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College of San Mateo – Summer College Readiness Program

Title: Summer College Readiness Program (SCRP)

College: College of San Mateo

1700 W. Hillsdale Blvd., San Mateo Ca 94402

College Contact: Danita L. Scott-Taylor, Director Student Support Services, 650-574-6155 or scott@smccd.net

Ruth Turner, EOPS Coordinator/Counselor, 650-574-6154 orturner@smccd.net

Target population: The Summer College Readiness Program targets graduating high school seniors who demonstrate possible eligibility for EOPS* program services. High school personnel contact students who have less than a 2.5 grade point average and/or students who participate in the school lunch program; and are or may be interested in enrolling at College of San Mateo. EOPS serves low-income, often first generation [college] students, who are academically under prepared; and/or are ESL. Students must meet income and educational criteria.

Goals: The program seeks to assist students in visualizing themselves as college students and address barriers to their participation in college. SCRP seeks to give students a sense of belongingness, introduce them to the community college system including educational goals, campus resources including financial aid, how to read class schedules and campus catalogues, as well as improve study skills.

Description: The Summer College Readiness Program was named after its predecessor, the College Readiness Program (which gave rise to EOPS statewide). The Summer College Readiness Program provides an intensive seven-day orientation to CSM for twenty-five incoming freshmen. Each day is designated for specific activities:

Introduction; Community Colleges (CSM); Course Planning (students develop an educational plan with a counselor); Transfer; College Class/Financial Aid; Study Skills; and a University Tour. Students meet 9 a.m. to noon, with the exception of the College Tour day that ends at 5 p.m. A continental breakfast is served each morning. On the final day students are given a certificate of completion and a backpack filled with supplies. . The program generally runs the week after high school classes end.

Staffing: The practice has two Program Services Coordinators (classified positions), and 1-2 student assistants. On the day that students develop an educational plan with a counselor, four counselors participate. All activities are under the direction of EOPS Director and/or Coordinator.

Facilities, equipment, materials: Materials include: an application and program syllabus, orientation materials (schedule, catalog, handouts etc.), backpacks and school supplies, and certificates.. The program uses a standard classroom and provides food for the continental breakfast. A bus and/or vans are needed for the university tour, along with liability release waivers.

Costs, funding source: The program costs $11,500. It is currently funded out of the EOPS budget. It was previously funded through a campus Partnership for Excellence grant that now defunct.

Outreach and marketing: The CSM EOPS Preview Day, which is described as a separate effective practice in this document, serves as a recruitment event for the Summer College Readiness Program. Preview Day participants who express an interest in SCRP receive follow up phone calls and assistance in completing the SCRP application is necessary.

Evidence of effectiveness: Effectiveness is determined by an annual student satisfaction survey. They also track the number of SCRP participants who persist, enroll at CSM for fall semester, and/or successfully apply for EOPS services. Beginning 2005 the program will use pre/post tests to access student learning outcomes for the event.

Suggestions for replication: Recruit early. One strategy is to look at Board of Governors Grant applicants and placement test data. Handout program literature at freshmen orientations, use high school contacts to identify possible students. Consider inviting parents for a program orientation.