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Coastline College, College Credit Testing for Active Duty Military Personnel and Veterans

Coastline Community College has teamed up with the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station to open an academic testing center for members of the military and veterans. Participants can take "CLEP" and "DANTES" tests to equate their military training and skills into college credit, which can then be applied towards a college degree or certificate.

The testing center is located in the main office of the Orange County One-Stop Center.
Exams are free to active duty military, their spouses, and civilian employees of the Coast Guard, Air and Army Guard, and Reserves. Veterans may take the exams for a fee, but are eligible for full reimbursement through the Veterans Administration (VA). (Civilians may also utilize the center’s testing services to obtain college credit. The cost for civilians is just under $100 per exam, potentially saving thousands of dollars in tuition and semester-hours in class.)

Coastline accepts up to 40 combined credits of military experience and this type of testing, and can directly apply both to an Associate in Art or Associate in Science degree, or a certificate.

For more information on the testing center, call (714) 241-4967 or email cclausen@coastline.edu