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Effective Practices for Single Parents & Displaced Homemakers

Bakersfield College – Early Childhood Education Employment Readiness Academy

Title: Early Childhood Education Employment Readiness Academy College: Bakersfield College College Contact: Miriam Neal, Director, Career Development and Workforce Preparation 617-991-0334 Description: The program is designed to prepare students a teaching position with a private school or childcare center, or as associate teachers in subsidized preschool or childcare centers. All students may attend the program, however it specifically targets and assists single parents. This is a one-semester Employment readiness academy in Early Childhood Education. It provides skills that include: how to use appropriate guidance with children, how to plan and carry out learning activities for children, how to work as a team member in a pre-school or child care center, and how to apply infant/child care first aid/CPR. Students undergo enrollment procedures that include the completion of an application for enrollment, a screening process that includes drug, alcohol, and TB testing, and a Criminal Record Statement. Prior to any childcare work experience internship, students must have their fingerprints and child abuse index check processed by the Department of Justice. The college has prepared a flyer about the Academy that is widely distributed to promote the program. Enrollment in the Academy is restricted until program enrollment requirements are completed. Students are then enrolled in college courses, with an eight hour cohort that runs 8AM to 5PM Monday through Thursday, and 8-12 on Friday for the full semester. When ready, students are placed with mentor teachers for hands-on experience in regional childcare centers, to acquire experience prior to completion of the program. Student cost for participation is estimated at $750, and financial assistance is available for low-income students. The fact that the two annual Academy offerings are continually full is evidence of the effectiveness and success of the program.