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Southwest College Banking and Office Careers Program

Vincent Jackson, Dean of Academic Affairs

1600 W Imperial Hwy, Los Angeles, CA 90047

213-241-5222, jacksovc@lasc.edu

Description: The Banking and Office Careers Program allows students to apply classroom theories to real-world work experiences, gain a better understanding of the working world, and improve their communication and organizational skills. Students who successfully complete the Banking and Office Careers Program will:

         Understand day-to-day professional activities in the working world

         Learn interview skills

         Learn to dress for success

         Receive support in finding part-time and full-time employment.

The curriculum focuses on:

         Career goals

         Employment portfolios

         Business wardrobe

         Finding a job

         Tips on job interviews

         Job search

         Interview skills

         After the interview tasks

         Understanding New Hire Forms, Payroll Checks, Payroll deductions

         Success in the workplace

         Effective Time and Stress Management

         Communication Skills

         Workplace Ethics

         Drugs in the Workplace

         Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

         Managing Money: Saving and Checking Accounts, Credit Cards, Investing. Insurance

The program is staffed by one training specialist/consultant and two program assistants. To inform students of the program, brochures and flyers have been distributed on campus and in the community. All students who complete the Banking and Office Careers Program are eligible for mentorships. The students are paired with a mentor from a business partner of the program. Current business partners include U.S. Bank, Citibank, Washington Mutual, and United Parcel Service (UPS). The business partners are responsible for ongoing mentoring of the participants and providing up-dates to the college on students. They also commit to retain all hired participants that achieve a great view after the first 90 days. The partners also support the college at job fairs and special events

Approximately 200 students complete the program each year. About 50% have been placed in jobs. Approximately 40% of the placements are in full-time jobs; 60% are part time. The percentages are lower than anticipated due to economic stress in the community.